Self Portrait

Tommy and Elizabeth White

Parking Spot:   15

Motorhome:  Winnebago

How long we have been Rving:  15 years

Enjoy Best:  Rving with family

Places of Interest traveled in RV:  Gulf Coast

We have been members of the AR Rollin Lions since:  2005

We became members of the AR Rollin Lions RV Club:  After spending time with family (Johnny and Lillie Wainright) on an outing there we decided we wanted to be a part of the Rollin Lions family


Place of birth:  El Dorado, AR

Favorite food:  Soul food

Favorite place to visit:  Any place wit white sand and blue water

No Day is complete without:  Praying

Greatest fear:  Snakes

A Book I would recommend:  The Bible

My Fantasy Dinner Guest would be:  The President, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King

One word to describe me:  Adventurous

My Role Model is/was:  My Mother

My High School Classmates thought:  I was a Athletic

I relax by:  Listening to sounds of nature

I will not eat:  Sushi

When I’m having a Wonderful Day:  Enjoying Family

Favorite Color:  Purple


Place of Birth:  Eldorado, AR

Favorite food:  Grilled

Favorite place to visit:  New Orleans, LA

No Day is complete without:  Checking on family

Greatest fear:  Harm to family

One word to describe me:  Talker

My Classmates in High School thought:  I was a Player

I relax by:  Fishing

I will not eat:  Chittlins

Favorite color:  White