Self Portrait

Paul and Darlene Wilson

Parking Space:   11

Motorhome:  2000 Winnebago

We have been Rving for:  2 years

Why we became members of the AR Rollin Lions RV Club:  Paul retired from UAPB after over 30 years, wanted to tailgate  and he enjoys UAPB football

Enjoy best:  Tailgating, socializing, camaraderie  and having a good time

Best advice:  Make sure you live your life and be happy today because tomorrow is not promised to anyone

Place I would like to travel to:  Darlene would like to travel to New York, NY



Place of birth:  Chicago, Il

Best advice:  Believe in yourself and God

Favorite food:  Shrimp

I will not eat:  Cottage Cheese

No Day is complete without:  Thanking the Lord for that day

My New Year’s Resolution:  To loose weight

Few people know:  I am not an original Arkansan

Greatest fear:  Losing another child before me

My Fantasy Dinner Guest would be:  Idris Elba and Denzel Washington

One word to describe me:  Loving

If reincarnated I would be:  A Butterfly

What takes me back is:  Memories of roller skating

My Role Model is/was:  My Mother

My High School Classmates thought:  I was most popular

I relax by:  Sleeping

When I’m having a Wonderful Day:  I am enjoying my family

Favorite color:  Black


Place of birth: Pine Bluff, AR

No Day is complete without:  Family

My New Year’s Resolution:  Do better with my health and family

Few people know:  I’m very private

My High School Classmates thought:  I was quiet

I relax by:  Listening to Jazz

When I’m having a Wonderful Day:  I am either fishing or listening to music

Favorite color:  Earthtones