Self Portrait

Bobby and Tina Pollins

(Photos not available at this time)


Place of birth:  Oklanola, AR

Parking Space:  Back Lot

Motorhome:  2006 Excursion

How long have you been a RVer:  12 years

Enjoy best:  Moving around, camping and meeting new people

Places of interest I have traveled to in my RV:  MI, IL, CA, NY, GA, TX and MO

Favorite place to visit:  The country because I was raised in the country

Member since:  2004 (off and on)

Why I became a member of the AR Rollin Lions RV Club:  Encouragement from member Sarge Boson. I am Alumni of UAPB; traveling, tailgating with a group

Best advice:  Slow down and good things comes to those who wait.  Everybody seems to be in a hurry and getting nowhere fast.

No Day is complete without:  God in my life

My Fantasy Dinner Guest would be:  President, Barack Obama

What takes me back is:  Old times, the way I was raised

My High School Classmates thought:  I would be successful

When I’m having a Wonderful Day I am:  Lounging

One word to describe me:  Cheerful

Favorite foods:  Veggies and fruits

Few people know:  I’m a loner

I relax:  By fishing and Casinos

I will not eat:  Caviar and Crab Legs

My Role Model is/was:  My Parents

Favorite color:  Blue